How We Work


KAPLAN SAUNDERS VALENTE & BENINATI. Creative thinking. Imaginative analysis. Pragmatic solutions. Efficient representation. Unusual lawyers.

We are straight-talking, practical lawyers.

We do not over-lawyer. We will not under-lawyer. We do not tell you that you are right when we do not believe it. We do not get stuck in legal trivia. We are efficient and effective. We are deal makers.

We view our job as helping you do your job, making your business more profitable.

We get to know your business. We help you understand your alternatives. We develop plans of action integrating our knowledge of your business and your motivations. We strive to be thoughtful and carefully construct legal solutions that meet your unique needs.

We view our job as helping you evaluate the risks and benefits of alternative courses of action and the likelihood of the risks occurring.

We do not believe good lawyering requires protecting you from every conceivable risk. You know that business involves risk, and which risks you are willing to other words, you know how to run your business better than we do. We do not impose our views on you.

We view ourselves as representatives of your business to the outside world.

We treat your lenders, tenants, suppliers, customers, and adversaries with respect and sensitivity, and we strive to cultivate positive, lasting relationships that benefit your business.