We are business lawyers who represent a broad range of clients in diverse industries and geographic regions across the country, including publicly-held corporations, large financial institutions, family owned businesses, and entrepreneurs. We bring to each client and engagement our commitment to understand its business and customize an approach that meets its particular needs. While no law firm can be all things to all people, our experience representing such a broad range of businesses benefits each of our clients. Our ability to understand the unique needs of each helps us better serve the others.

Business Law and Transactions

Great business lawyers know about more than the law... they know how business is conducted and the factors that motivate people in different business settings.

Real Estate and Real Estate Finance

The real estate practice at Kaplan Saunders Valente & Beninati is distinguished by its complexity, diversity, and the distinctively practical approach of our lawyers in working with both large and small developers, national retailers, corporate users, and lenders in every aspect of real estate.

Employment Law

Attorneys who practice employment law need to know not only the law, they need to apply their knowledge to understand both business and people -- what employers need, what they expect, and what motivates them.

Finance and Lending

Nationally-known senior attorneys lead the finance and lending practice at Kaplan Saunders Valente & Beninati, advising banks and other lenders as well as businesses seeking capital and credit on the widest range of financing vehicles.

Intellectual Property

Protecting your intellectual property requires constant vigilance. Our experience in trade secret cases continues to reveal new ideas for their protection.

Equipment Finance

Whether it involves leasing, lending or borrowing, firm attorneys have a broad range of experience in equipment financing and portfolio transfer transactions.

Insurance Coverage

Our broad-based experience in both insurance claims analysis and insurance coverage litigation enables us to efficiently evaluate coverage issues and formulate a sound strategy for the resolution of coverage disputes.

Privacy and Cybersecurity

Every business collects information about its employees, suppliers, and customers regardless of whether it manufactures products or provides services, and regardless of its industry. One of the most significant risks a modern business faces is the potential loss of its data – especially customer information.

Class Action Defense

Class action lawsuits can do immeasurable harm to a business. All too often business owners who are faced with the reality of a class action respond by throwing money at the problem through excessive settlements, the overbilling by their lawyers, or their adoption of a “fight-to-the-death” approach based on their fear that survival depends on “winning”.