Americans with Disabilities Act Litigation, Advice and Counseling

Our attorneys have unparalleled experience in venues across the United States advising and defending retailers, other public accommodations, and employers in matters involving disability rights and accessibility under the ADA and similar state and local laws.

Kaplan Saunders Valente & Beninati’s expertise with issues created by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is second to none among law firms that defend ADA claims. Since 1991, when the ADA first became law, our attorneys have been at the forefront of novel and cutting-edge issues of the day, including the applicability of the ADA to the Internet. Our work for a wide range of public and private sector clients takes us across the country to assist national retailers and other businesses that are public accommodations and we have obtained precedent-setting judicial opinions while defending disability-based discrimination lawsuits.

We also provide a broad range of non-litigation services such as: the creation and implementation of ADA compliance audit programs; the development of ADA-compliant operational policies, practices, and procedures; the creation and presentation of ADA training programs for facilities personnel, property managers, real estate developers, lawyers, and design professionals; representation in U. S. Department of Justice investigations; and general advice and counseling.

Our extensive knowledge of the ADA and its state and local counterparts enables us to provide uniquely creative, insightful, and efficient advice and fulfill our role as trusted advisors and counselors to our clients, their managers, architects, and other design professionals.

Focus Areas

  • Counseling of ADA customer compliance
  • Counseling of ADA employer compliance
  • Developing service animal policies
  • Counseling on website compliance
  • Counseling on accessibility requirements
  • Preparation of training manuals
  • Preparation of on-site employee training
  • Defending ADA lawsuits
  • Negotiating settlements