Intellectual Property

Protecting your intellectual property requires constant vigilance. Our experience in trade secret cases continues to reveal new ideas for their protection.

The trademarks and copyrights of any business are valuable assets. But, the intellectual property goes beyond those to include confidential information, customer lists, trade secrets, trade dress, and a variety of other intangibles. It is an area where education is especially important to avoid the loss of this valuable property. Our experience with business transactions translates into invaluable sensitivity to all intellectual property issues. We help businesses identify their valuable intellectual property, sensitize them to the necessity of protecting these valuable assets, counsel and advise them on protection, take steps to protect their intellectual property against infringement, structure and negotiate complex licensing agreements, help protect against misappropriation of valuable information by former employees, and help identify and react to unfair competition. We are known for vigorously prosecuting and defending infringement lawsuits, and pride ourselves on our precedent-setting and creative solutions.

Focus Areas

  • Trademark searches and analysis
  • Licensing intellectual property
  • Trademark registration
  • Trademark protection enforcement, including cease and desist negotiations
  • Protection of trademarks, trade secrets, trade dress, copyrights, and confidential information
  • Unfair competition litigation
  • Trademark and copyright infringement litigation
  • Business torts, including unfair business practices