Privacy and Cybersecurity

Every business collects information about its employees, suppliers, and customers regardless of whether it manufactures products or provides services, and regardless of its industry. One of the most significant risks a modern business faces is the potential loss of its data – especially customer information.

With the ubiquity of employee-owned devices in the workplace and as businesses transfer their sensitive data from legacy systems into the cloud, privacy issues have become much more complex. Moreover, consumers are gaining more awareness of the value of their data and, as a result, privacy and security issues are coming to the forefront of each business’s relationships with its customers.

We distinguish ourselves by helping you assess how privacy fits into your particular business environment. We offer comprehensive counseling on privacy and data security issues to help businesses proactively implement data protection safeguards as well as respond to privacy incidents, which may trigger notification requirements or exposure to litigation and investigation by regulatory agencies. Our multi-disciplinary capabilities allow us to assist businesses with internal investigations, regulatory enforcement actions, and civil litigation.

Our attorneys have been on the forefront of advising clients on the benefits and risks of newly emerging data collection and sharing technologies.

Focus Areas

  • Providing regulatory and compliance advice on the collection, use, protection, sharing and retention of data across a broad range of industries.
  • Preparing privacy impact assessments of newly emerging technologies and data sharing initiatives.
  • Conducting audits of existing security and data sharing policies to assess weaknesses.
  • Developing policies, practices, and procedures that reduce exposure to data breaches.
  • Responding to data breach incidents.
  • Designing cybersecurity training materials.
  • Designing transactions to protect informational assets and conducting data security and privacy due diligence.
  • Assisting in litigation that may arise as a result of a data breach or violation of privacy law.